I am a Charter Parent

As more and more of these mystery social media pages pop up attempting to silence the community, a screen shot of a parent was used to attempt to mislead and suggest campaign finance violations. Here’s her response that she posted directly to their page (of course, the mystery administrators never responded to her):


Hi! I am Karlynn Cory – the one you highlighted in your snapshot. As a Charter school parent, who has never been employed by JeffCo, and who is FOR the recall, I find it amusing that you chose me. I wasn’t paid to walk, the other parent wasn’t paid to walk, nor was the JeffCo speech pathologist. We did it because the BOE3 are breaking rules (voting on issues the same meeting topics are brought up), not allowing study sessions when their fellow Board members ask, forcing an agenda (filling committees with only their choices), bullying students (showed a JeffCo minor student picture and named her in a meeting), and wasting taxpayer dollars.

I would like everyone to know – I am a charter parent and cannot condone the actions of the BOE3, no matter how much they are trying to help charters. I don’t want my kids to have these as examples of leadership. That is why I walked – and that is why I continue to walk and talk. Thanks for picking me – now my voice will be heard!!


That’s another charter parent, in writing, that shows that this grassroots effort is nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and truly about our children!

Thanks for standing up for kids, Karlynn!

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