How to Help

There are so many people in the community who are concerned about our funding issues with 3A and 3B not passing as well as the concern about education funding from the state. We’ve heard several requests from people who want to help. Here are a few ways to do so:

Please Connect With Us!

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For Yard Signs for help raise awareness, email with your location.

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Join PTA! If you don’t have a PTA at your school, join Jeffco PTA! It’s not just for people who have children. It’s the oldest child advocacy organization in the state and your voice is important!



Sign up for the newsletters for the following organizations and read them (share them too!)

Great Education Colorado

Colorado School Finance Project

Colorado Fiscal Institute



Make a donation to the Jeffco Schools Foundation.

“Founded in 1983 Jeffco Schools Foundation is one of the oldest school foundations, beginning a movement among other school districts to create or reignite community support for public education where public education funding falls short.”


If you can make a donation, you can help us to reach more people in our community by helping to fund our newsletter, info tables, handouts, service projects, and events. Join in Operation Support Jeffco Kids or make a donation below!

To pay by check, mail donations to:

Support Jeffco Kids
5683 Fig Way
Arvada, CO 80002