How much vetting did they do as a board?

All this info can be found in a book by Lois Cunniff Lindstrom Kennedy, a former teacher in Jeffco.  It’s “A Tribute to Education in Jefferson County, Colorado:  50 years AS ONE.
When John Peper resigned, we appointed Jim Mortensen as Interim Supt.  We hired Harold Webb & Associates to survey the Jeffco community for input to assist in the hiring of the new superintendent.  As a board we met many times coming up with the criteria for hiring the supt.  It took several months but we received a list of 74 applicants.  They were then narrowed to 17.  After reviewing the final 17, we picked 3 to interview indepth.  We also divided into teams and visted each community.  My recollection is one applicant came from San Antonio, TX, don’t remember the 3rd, and Lew Finch came from Minnesota.  With the help of Webb & Associates, we talked to parents, students, admin staff, classified staff, business people, legislators.  Basically anyone & everyone who would give us their time.  Obviously, we decided on a 5-0 vote to hire Lew Finch.

That’s what really makes me so angry.  This is the one responsibility a board of education has.  To hire & fire the superintendent.

And for Ken Witt to say “I don’t know about Dougco, I don’t care about Dougco…….”  Well, he damn well better because he’s about to sign a contract with a former Dougco  assistant superintendent.  How much vetting did they do as a board? How many applicants did they interview?  How many applicants did they have? 
To be “transparent”, we did interview each applicant in executive session.  We felt we knew what what best for our community and each applicant was hesitant to put their names out there, possibly injuring their relationship with their current job if they were not appointed to Jeffco.  We honored their request.
Judy Pierce