HB20-1034 Opposition

HB20-1034, Income Tax Deduction For 529 Account K-12 Kindergarten Through 12th-grade Expenses, is again about vouchers but tricky because they tried to use the 529 name to fool you.

School Voucher programs fund private schools and services using public tax dollars. “Back-door Vouchers” like House Bill 1034, do the same thing, allow public school dollars to be diverted to private school programs or used for tuition for private and/or religious schools, but in a less conspicuous manner. This bill even reads: “… QUALIFIED ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY TUITION EXPENSES RELATED TO ENROLLMENT OR ATTENDANCE AT AN ELEMENTARY OR SECONDARY PUBLIC, PRIVATE, OR RELIGIOUS SCHOOL…”

The bill seeks to change Colorado law to align it with the federal Tax Cuts & Job Acts, implemented under Betsy DeVos’ blessing and guidance in 2017, which equated to nothing more than Federally-supported School Vouchers.

Are you tired of legislators trying to take funding away from public education? Support our education staff who are some of the lowest paid in the country? You should probably send an email or come to House Education at 1:30pm on Thursday, 2/6. Tell them that you oppose HB20-1034 and that you’re done with the voucher attempts.

Colin Larson, of Jeffco, is the sponsor. colin.larson.house@state.co.us