HB1375 Compliance

It wasn’t too long ago that we were debating with a few legislators and individuals about the issues regarding HB1375 and the impacts that the new law will not have, even though they were intended. We were told it’ll be so simple to follow up and take no time at all to go through the list to see which schools are doing a great job and which aren’t. We disagreed but waited to see what would happen. As of July 8th (7 days after the requirements were to be met), we did a review that took a really long time.

On July 1st, all charter schools were required to post their waivers on their website. Not when they got around to it and not when they felt like it, the law states July 1st, 2017. Next July 1st, they’ll be required to post their 990’s.

Some of our Jeffco charters have done a great job and posted complete information that was easy to find, huge thanks to them! Some clearly just threw something up on their site and didn’t put much effort into it, still, that’s compliance. Unfortunately, others have done absolutely nothing to comply. If you find a link that we were not able to, please let us know and we’ll be happy to update this! If you’re a charter and update your website to comply with the law, let us know!

Here’s a quick review of what’s available for Jeffco Charters, blue is good!

Addenbrooke Classical Academy:

Collegiate Academy:

Compass Montessori (both Golden and Wheat Ridge):

Doral Academy of Colorado:

  • Unable to find any list of waivers on the website, http://www.doralcolorado.org/
  • Additional concern – special education under academics is still “coming soon.”

Excel Academy:

Free Horizon Montessori:

Golden View Classical Academy:

Great Work Montessori:

Jefferson Academy:

Lincoln Academy:

Montessori Peaks Academy:

Mount Phoenix

New America School

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Two Roads Charter School

Woodrow Wilson Academy


So, now what? What do our Legislators who approved this law intend to do about those that are not compliant and who will take the time to ensure that the information there is also correct and lists complete information? Who will take the time to review all the others in the state?

This feels a little like the board members we had to recall, there was no one to turn to when the repeated violations occurred. Are we supposed to hire attorneys to make it happen?