Harvest Parade 2016

The Arvada Harvest Parade with SJK, it’s the most fun you’ll have in September! Over the past many years, we have had an impressive number of people walking with us to Support Jeffco Kids. This year, it’s more important than ever! Join us on September 10th!

The 2016 theme will be ” the Ultimate Superhero Showcase .”

Support Jeffco Kids believes the Ultimate Superhero in the Jeffco community is ALL of our wonderful supporters. You all are our School Superheroes!

  • Our hard working and dedicated teachers and education professionals.
  • All of our parents who know how important it is to keep our public schools strong.
  • The amazing members of our retired community. We are grateful for so many retired educators and public education advocates.

You are all Superheroes in our eyes.

That’s why we want you ALL to join us. If you have a cape, bring it and wear it when you walk with us in our entry in the parade.   Saturday, Sept. 10. Parade Entry number and location information TBA. We have invited the 3A3B team to join us and our friends at Fundraising Fire Engine as we all Support Jeffco Kids! We’ll have signs but you can make your own if you prefer. Everyone is welcome!


If you are a parent, maybe your School Superhero is a teacher, principal, or maybe it’s the school secretary who always takes an extra moment to do something special for the kids. Maybe it’s the School PTA President or the PTA’s chair for the committee that organizes holiday parties or food drives.

If you are a teacher or education professional, maybe it’s a special parent who always comes through with donations or help in the classroom, or a para who knows just exactly what you need when you need it. It might be your principal or another teacher who gives you the extra support you need to get through some tough times.

Come walk with us in honor of those people!


Be a hero, Support Jeffco Kids!

Every child, every day!