Hardball Politics in Jeffco Schools

Re:” the teachers union and hardball politics in Jeffco”, June 5 news Mike Rosen op ed.


As a parent of children who thrived in Jeffco schools, I have been personally involved with the Bond/Mill elections. My experience is that these grass roots efforts, as well as the attendance at recent board meetings, are always led by parents and have no linkage to the teachers union.


Mr. Rosen’s denigration of the long, selfless service of Cindy Stevenson and the minority board members as “liberal enablers” and  “pro-union holdovers” is the definition of hardball politics, which demonizes people using simplistic labels with little factual basis.


School Boards are required to be non-partisan yet Rosen labels the sides conservative and liberal. Mr. Witt promised an open process to hire the superintendent, spent $40K on a national search, then allowed no finalist but Mr. McMinimee. To demonize the fact that parents and teachers are distrustful of this process and outcome is to ignore the content of the board meetings.


Don Hazell – Golden


Editorial Note – parents, business owners and community members of every political affiliation are contacting us to express their concern, desire to be involved, and upset at the antics of our School Board.  To make this about political affiliations and agendas is just wrong; schools are about our children!