Guest Editorial From Former Board Members

We are ten former members of the Jefferson County Board of Education who wish to express our disappointment and frustration in the departure of Superintendent Dr. Cindy.   The ten former members of the school board are named below and represent a span of involvement with Jeffco Public Schools as board members from the 1970’s until 2013 when one member of our group left the Board.  Many of us graduated from Jeffco schools and collectively we have more than 30 children or grandchildren who have graduated or are currently enrolled in our schools.  We all love this District and we have all respected deeply Superintendent Stevenson, and the leadership the position of Superintendent represents.  The achievements of Dr. Stevenson have been significant.  Dr. Stevenson was named Superintendent of the year in Colorado and it was only a few years ago that Dr. Stevenson was runner-up for the extraordinary award of National Superintendent of the Year.  Dr. Stevenson dedicated her entire adult life to the students, teachers, staff and families of all students of this district.  We take strong exception to the suggestion of the current majority and newly elected board members that Dr. Stevenson did not live up to the high expectations of this district.  On the contrary, those of us who worked directly with her know that she was responsible for developing high standards and expectations and led the District as it achieved great success for the students of Jeffco Public Schools.  Because of her leadership and the staff of Jefferson County Public Schools Jeffco remains one of the stellar school districts in this country.


Only time will tell whether this new Board can forge success for the district.  We believe that forcing out the Superintendent when she had already announced her retirement indicates a complete and utter disrespect and an “in your face” attitude which is unbecoming of an elected official.  We publically thank Dr. Cindy Stevenson for an exceptional tenure as Superintendent and wish her well in her new pursuits, still dedicated to educating all of our children. 


We stand ready to assist the new majority on the Board of Education as it seeks input and advice regarding the direction of the District and as it seeks a new superintendent.  We trust that the new newly elected board members’ campaign promises to seek the input of all stakeholders includes us and the many thousands like us who seek the highest quality education for all children in our district.


The following former board members join us in expressing this point of view:

Judy Pierce, David Thomas, Robin Johnson, Jon DeStefano, Susan Marinelli, Richard Rush, Debra Oberbeck, Bill Ross


David R. DiGiacomo and Hereford Percy


David DiGiacomo
303 420 4220
5400 Ward Road, Building 3, Suite 200                           
Arvada, CO 80002                                                     


Hereford Percy
303 423 4543
1365 West 76th Way
Arvada, CO  80005