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If you’re the parent of a GT student, you’ve likely been in search of resources. There’s a former Jeffco GT teacher who is offering exactly that! Because I personally know and trust this teacher (she was my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher), I want to share these resources with you in case you’re interested or need them:

I’m excited to announce that a Family Subscription for the SEAD (Social & Emotional Adolescent Development) Program is now available! The SEAD program is a new online learning program for middle school, high school and college students. The mission of the SEAD Program is to empower adolescents & young adults using an easily accessible and engaging platform that allows them to build capacity in an area that is relevant to their specific needs.

To purchase an annual SEAD subscription, please go to the website and follow three easy steps.

1.    Click on the Login Now button

2.    Register using an email or social login

3.    Click on the family subscription button. This will take you to the secure checkout where you can purchase the program for a one-time annual fee of $29.99.

The family subscription provides unlimited access for the entire year to learning modules regarding various topics in four categories:

1.    Social & Emotional

·      Topics include anxietyperfectionismresiliency & mindsetdepression (suicide prevention),emotional intelligence, and stress

2.    Leadership

·      Topics include citizenship & service learning (coming soon), organization (executive function skills), and communication

3.    Career & Post-Secondary Planning

·      Topics include interest exploration, career choices, and internships and mentorships 

4. Student Wellness

·      Topics include positive & negative risk taking (including substance abuse/vaping), social media(coming soon), sleep & the brain (coming soon), nutrition (coming soon), poverty & homelessness(coming soon)

Each video module contains…

Ø an overview of the specific topic,

Ø strategies to deal with issues that arise, and

Ø resources to learn more about the topic as well as how to receive support.

After watching the videos, a secondary counselor said, “this is what is missing in our social & emotional learning at the secondary level. The SEAD Program reaches ALL students and gives them the foundational knowledge they need to build self-awareness and understanding.”

Every video explicitly states the importance of speaking with a trusted adult regarding any concerns.  The program is designed as an entry point for adolescents and young adults to build a foundation of understanding regarding social and emotional topics that are relevant to them. This program is not meant to take the place of counseling or discussion groups, but rather to be a tool to empower adolescents and young adults so they can begin to enhance their self-awareness regarding their social and emotional needs.

 The SEAD Program will also support students on Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) as they prepare to create their required affective goals. Research shows that the majority of secondary students do not have any guidance prior to being asked to write an affective goal, which often makes setting the goal a meaningless act. Using the SEAD Program, students can choose to learn about a topic that is relevant to them prior to writing their affective goal.

Please visit our website at to learn more and contact me if you have any questions.

Warm regards,


Dr. Jessica Howard

Founder, The SEAD Program LLC
(303) 903-1049