Greater Danger When We Don’t Stand Up


Looking at Facebook memories this morning. A friend had shared this to our timeline and sent a thanks for what we do. Think about that statement for a minute.

We place our children and grandchildren in even greater danger when we don’t stand up…

We have an opportunity to finally fund education statewide. If you make less than $150,000 a year, you won’t pay a dime and for those who make more, the funding is low and very reasonable. Small businesses get a tax break. The Gallagher issue will be fixed for education and we’ll never see another drop in education funding. IF we can get the signatures to get this on the ballot.

We understand carrying petitions might be scary for some who’ve never done it. We know that we all live in our comfort zones and do whatever it is that we’re used to doing. But…imagine if you took a petition and got just 40 signatures of your friends and family that you see in a month. Imagine if your doing so inspired 10 more of your friends to do the same. One step can help gather 400 signatures and it’s SO EASY! We train you and it takes maybe 10 minutes.

Don’t wait to see if someone else will do it for you. What if they don’t? What if enough people don’t step up?

Carrying a petition doesn’t take any extra time out of your life, you’re getting signatures from people you were going to see anyway.

Now the scary part – what if someone says no? What if they won’t sign your petition? Well, you send them to the websites for more information:

Hopefully, they take the time to read and become educated, because there’s NEVER a reason to not support funding education for the children of Colorado.

Honestly though, the no people are pretty few and far between. And when you meet them, you have given them an opportunity to become educated.

The overwhelming majority of people do sign and they know that education funding needs to be addressed. You also have a chance to educate people who support public education who might not know there’s an opportunity. This is what real grassroots looks like and it depends on YOU for momentum.

Do you want to see a change? Do you support children and public education? Step up and take action. Even 10 signatures is 10 more than if you hadn’t joined the effort. Reach out to everyone you know.

Email us at or fill out the contact information on this form and we’ll take care of getting you involved. You’re needed, you’re wanted, and you will make a difference! Not in Jeffco, no problem – we’re happy to get you connected!

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This is NOT sustainable! Let’s educate the future workforce of Colorado!