Gratitude for Rachelle Moorhead

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Peck Elementary teacher Rachelle Moorhead and thank her for the work she does to Support Jeffco Kids.

Rachelle was nominated by Jennifer Halsall.

“Mrs Moorhead is the penultimate kindergarten teacher, instilling the love of learning at the beginning of the kids’ learning careers! If a child is struggling, she finds a way to figure out why they are having a hard time and tries all sorts of ways to bring that child back up to the peer level. She makes learning fun and interactive. The class is always in control, even when the class has students who can be disruptive, she is able to redirect them and never raises her voice.  After school lets out she has kids from all upper grade levels still stopping by her door to give her hugs which proves how much of an impact she’s made on her kids. “


Thank you, Rachelle!