Grandmother Advocates for Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility

A phenomenal Letter to the Editor shared with us! Thanks to all who continue to advocate! Writing those letters to the editor and talking with your friends, family and community is so important!

Dear Editor:

I am an 81 year old great-grandmother and I have grandchildren attending Jefferson County schools. I do not like the waste of money that might be going to challenge the recall of the three BOE members. More than twice the required signatures were gathered which shows the voters’ support for the recall.

Challenging the recall will be very expensive – at the expense of our JP schools. This money could be better put to use for supplies, needed repairs, upgrades, etc. Besides, why was the $90,000. a year, very expensive lawyer hired to defend the three BOE members without the knowledge and imput of the other two BOE members, and paid for from Jefferson County Public School funds?? Shouldn’t this hiring have included the other two board members?? Why was it done in secret, behind closed doors from the public and the other two Board Members?? Or were WN&W anticipating problems with what they were doing??

As I understand it, the cost for challenging the recall will be about $500,000. I think the voters have spoken and want the recall of Will, Newdirk and Williams. This recall should be included in the November election!!

Thank you.

Herminia Sanchez