Go Team???

As the district and the board enter into their negotiations regarding a collective bargaining agreement that defines the number of children in each classroom, remember this:

Why did this board fight to give teachers a 2.5% increase when they raised the superintendent’s comp by 40% ?   


 40% increase in supt comp for someone who is less qualified:




·      Ph.D. in Administration, Supervision and Curriculum Development, from the University of Colorado.
·      Colorado Supt.of the Year 2010
·      Runner up for National Supt of Year 2010
·      more than 37 years experience as a Jeffco educational leader, including time as a teacher, a principal, and deputy superintendent
·      Supt for position that served 85,000 students
·      FEMALE
·      Masters in Ed, minor in Human Performance from Oregon St Univ
·      Football Coach
·      Bachelors k-12 Physical Ed from Adams State College
·      Football Coach
·      Oregon Basic & Standard Admin. Cert, Ed Admin
·      25 years exp  including
o   8 yrs PE teacher and Football Coach
o   2 yrs Athletic Director
o   3 yrs Assist. Principal
o   5 years Principal
o   3+ Yrs Asst Supt  – position serves approximately 30,000 students


Go team…???