Give Students Credit

Dear Mr. Witt,


In today’s Denver Post, you are quoted as saying, “I think it’s unfortunate presently to our students being used as pawns”  The article also states you believe the student protests were a union tool and that students are being misled.


To give you credit, your statements and actions are consistent.  However, when you look at the pattern of disregard to teachers, to parents and community members over the last nine or so months, dismissing students opinions shouldn’t be anything to be proud of.  


It’s more than possible – in fact, I’m certain it’s true – that these students are thoughtful, conscientious and very aware of what this proposal means.  To the contrary, these students, and many more like my own, are clearly articulating arguments against any form of historical cleansing that you and fellow board members are proposing.  They want to make up their own minds about the lessons of history – not regurgitate any form of orthodoxy imposed by a proposed board-appointed curriculum review committee.


You also cite students are being misinformed to incite protest. If it were only a few students from a few schools, perhaps you could make that case.  But thousands of students from nearly every high school in the district? That sure sounds like a preponderance of students understand the situation clearly.


You’re not giving these students credit for being able to form their own opinions based on the facts at hand.  That’s disappointing. Isn’t the ultimate goal of education to enable our children to be informed and capable citizens?  It appears to me that your comments are unfounded.  They’ve learned well.

Jim Earley