Get the Word Out!

A Jeffco community member got tired of the stories of sign theft and vandalism (which is illegal by the way, so if you see it – get it on video and report it to the police!)

Look at this picture! This is just wrong and anyone who does such a thing and trespasses onto the property of someone else to vandalize a yard sign must be very scared of the tremendous community efforts supporting the recall!


But Jeffco folks know how to turn a negative into a positive! He got creative and made a BIGGER sign!



Well done, Jeffco! Now come out and do your part to get the word out!

We hope you will join us as often as you can. We have walks scheduled for every Saturday and one night a week.

We also have two huge walks scheduled for October 3rd and 10th where we hope to get enough volunteers to walk the entire county in those two days.

 You can pick your walks several ways, click the links below:

It’s time, don’t wake up November 4th and regret not participating!

Support Jeffco Kids!