Funding Priorities for Jeffco Schools



The results are in.  The community has spoken loud and clear.  Early Childhood Education, and a broad offering of Electives are the wants and desires of citizens.  The top five funding priorities included electives, small class sizes, and full day kindergarten.  

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And while a minority of the participants identified themselves with the union, and or, as an employee, fully 96% of the survey respondents agreed, or strongly agreed that Jeffco should support competitive salaries.  Another surprising result, was that, despite the fact that most respondents were parents, less than half of them were for reducing fees.  Technology support made the top five, but expanding option schools, and expanding charter schools made the bottom of the list.  


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In our representative democracy it is important to hear all voices, but also important to see the weight of opinion.  

The people have spoken loud and clear.  We want to focus money and support on the classrooms, and early education, in public schools, with a broad curriculum.