Frank DeAngelis Center for Community Safety

We were so lucky to attend an event today that shows just how amazing Jeffco is! Our safety team in Jeffco is known as the gold standard everywhere and today, they unveiled the Frank DeAngelis Center for Community Safety at Martensen Elementary. The school was dedicated to Mr. DeAngelis for his incredible commitment to Jeffco and the safety of our students.

This was a complete surprise to Mr. DeAngelis and his entire family arrived for the event to honor him, along with many Jeffco friends. Mr. DeAngelis is a remarkable man who has shown extreme dedication to our district for so many years and his continued passion for our children into his retirement was honored beautifully at this event.

This is the only school/law enforcement training facility for first responders in the country. The revolutionary idea and vision for this facility came from Jeffco’s Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management, John McDonald. This year alone, 17 agencies from across the nation have used the school for training, including local law enforcements agencies, the Jeffco Sheriff’s department, bomb technicians, SWAT, FBI, security personnel, and the Navy Seals. 

The training room inside was dedicated and named for Emily Keyes and the I Love U Guys foundation for their incredible work and dedication supporting school safety and the SRP (Standard Response Protocol) to serve our children learn.

Art work from children in Jeffco Schools covers the halls of this building, thanking our law enforcement officers and first responders for their collaboration and dedication to our children. Former Board Members Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman approved this facility and made it a possibility. It is truly a remarkable facility, an incredible opportunity for our community, and Jeffco can be proud of the great work happening at the Frank DeAngelis Center for Community Safety. Our school safety team showed us, once again, that they are indeed the gold standard.

The following sign is displayed in the training room as a reminder of what the work is about. The collaboration between law enforcement and our school safety team is commendable and should be honored repeatedly. They all do the work to Support Jeffco Kids!

As Mr. DeAngelis stated, this is a place that can give us a little bit of hope.

Always remember.