Former Jeffco School Board President Urges Recall

Former Jeffco School Chief Urges Recall

By Jon DeStefano
Former Jefferson County School Board President

As a former Jefferson County School Board member for 14 years I believe Jeffco has consistently been one of the finest school systems in our country. Today,  however, Jefferson County Public Schools needs a fresh start. I believe our district is endangered and that the high quality education Jeffco schools has provided in the past is being systematically derailed.

One side clearly believes that board members Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams have been consistently uncooperative, inappropriate and unethical. The other side does not believe what they have done is wrong. We are all familiar with the various arguments and accusations so let’s put them aside and consider just one thing: how do we get our schools back on track, focused on the education of our children.

We need our Jefferson County school leaders working together as they have almost always done in the past through strong ideological differences like this and even great challenges like Columbine.

The great divide and polarization in our district created by Its current leaders needs to be resolved. It has already resulted in nearly 1,000 quality Jeffco teachers and administrators leaving our district in just the last two years, many going to neighboring school districts where they can get a fresh start, focus on their work  and have a more stable future.

Isn’t that what our schools need too?

Therefore, I strongly urge you to support the recall of Ken Witt, John Newkirk and Julie Williams. Elect a school board committed to working together and doing what is best for kids. Jefferson County Public School needs a fresh start. Do your part vote for people who are leaders and are willing to work together.  

Jon DeStefano