Focus on the Needs of the District – Letter 1

Here is my email to the board today. Thank you for all you do!


If Julie Williams’ proposal to form a Board Committee for Curriculum Review does not die a quick and fiery death I will be very disappointed. Her proposal gives very little direction to the reason for the committee. The review criteria was stolen from the text of a failed 2005 Texas bill that attempted to censor their education textbooks.


Telling a committee to make sure instructional materials present “the most current factual information accurately and objectively” while also saying it should “present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage” is just one of the contradictory statements made in this ‘action plan’.


The AP US History debate is not a district issue. It’s been settled and calling the materials anti-American is just dumb.


When it comes to elementary health, you should ask teachers what issues they’ve had before just launching a committee to take on a state bill from last year that you just now heard about.


The only places I’ve seen where Common Core, PARCC and AP US History are talked about in the same article are on far right-wing websites that are claiming that it’s all a conspiracy by David Coleman of the College Board to brainwash our youth. This is another stupid conspiracy theory.


The board needs to focus on the needs of the district. It should not be spending the time and energy of the community on stupid conspiracies drummed up by the Tea Party.



Thank you,

Scott Pantall

Littleton, CO