Fees and Supplies

Every parent is on social media discussing the school fees and school supply lists with their friends. Yes, they’re expensive. I also paid just under $100 for school fees which doesn’t include the supplies, PTA items, yearbooks or the other optional items that we’ll all want. If your child rides the bus, that’s another fee and if you have more than one child, there’s no discount for that.

One of our lovely friends shared this article on social media and we hope you’ll give it some thought.


Under that article, a friend wrote: “The simple bald truth of it is this: the schools are desperately underfunded. We personally have to buy glue sticks and more because the schools do not have enough money to pay the teachers adequately or buy books much less purchase things like glue sticks in bulk. So until we have sane politicians and voters willing to pay a tiny little bit more in taxes to support education – yes, as parents, the burden of supplying educational materials will remain on the shoulders of individual parents. Get over it – or get politically active and get education funded!”

If every parent of all 86,000 kids were advocating for properly funding education, how much better off would we be? How about if all the parents, grandparents, school staff, aunts, uncles, and neighbors were advocating for the more than 800,000 kids in Colorado collectively? Instead of mentioning the fees you paid, supplies you bought, etc. on social media or with friends, take that statement and email or call your legislator about it and ask for education funding to be fixed! That is where the conversation needs to happen!

Email and/or call your legislators and tell them! And save your email so you can send it again when the legislative session starts!

“My name is ____________, I’m a parent of __________ kids in (list their grades). I paid $X in school fees and I paid $X on school supplies. I want education funding to be a priority.”

You can find their email addresses and phone numbers here:


For the record – that $4.12 per month for the mill and bond does NOT cover fees or school supplies. That has never been included on a ballot issue.

Also, don’t forget our school supply drive for the kids who can’t afford those fees and supplies. We hope you can help!


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