Fair Tax Colorado Single Line Petition Form

COVID-19 has made it almost impossible for many folks to venture out to sign a petition.  But, COVID-19 or not, we still need those signatures to get this important initiative on the November ballot.

Thanks to the May 15 Executive Order (D2020 065) signed by Governor Polis, Colorado voters’ have increased accessibility to the signature process for Fair Tax Colorado’s Initiative #271 petition (This is especially important for so many who may be high risk and need to Stay-At-Home to stay safe).   https://www.colorado.gov/governor/sites/default/files/inline-files/D%202020%20065%20Ballot%20Issue%20Signatures.pdf

There are still many opportunities to sign the traditional petition.  Feel free to contact us to sign a petition at admin@supportjeffcokids.org

If we aren’t readily available, we can refer you to someone who is, and Fair Tax Colorado can refer you to a carrier https://fairtaxcolorado-publiceducationvoter.nationbuilder.com/signing_stations

Not comfortable venturing out to find a petition carrier but want to sign the petition?  https://fairtaxcolorado.org/single-line-petition-forms/


We suggest you read through the instructions first:

It’s important to make sure you have a witness on hand when you sign.  They will also need to sign the form and date the form (in blue or black ink).

Instructions on how to sign the Single Line Petition along with the PDF download are here:  https://fairtaxcolorado.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Single-Signer-Instructions.pdf

Here’s the Fair Tax Calculator: https://fairtaxcolorado.org/taxcalculator/

Because people continue to ask, the Fair Tax Colorado campaign needs to have all signatures/petitions back in order to validate signatures by July 25th.   The final due date to turn in validated signature to the Secretary of State office is August 3rd.

Let’s get this done! Please make your signature count today. 

Supporting all kids in Jefferson County Colorado