Fair Tax Colorado, It’s Time!

Getting Fair Tax Colorado (Initiative #271) on this November’s Ballot

It’s time, Jeffco!

It’s time for the big push to get this initiative (Fair Tax Colorado’s initiative #271)  on the ballot so our state’s voters can have a say in putting a fair tax into place that will –

  • Repeal the constitution requirements for a flat tax rate – currently everyone pays the same rate, regardless of whether they make $30 thousand a year or $3 million a year.
  • Creates a tiered tax structure – a more Fair Tax – where 100% of Coloradans would see a tax cut on their first $250,000 of income (lowers the current flat rate of 4.63% to 4.58%)
  • Direct 50% of revenue raised to Primary through 12th grade education

7 of 10 Colorado voters say the state should avoid cuts to schools, roads, and health care by increasing taxes on the wealthy

In recent polling, when voters were asked their preference on how to close the $2 billion state budget deficit, the majority (69%) prefer to avoid cuts to state services by increasing taxes on wealthy Coloradans. 

Across party-lines, genders, ages, income levels, and geographic regions, Coloradans support a fair tax to help our communities recover from COVID19

We’ve got the petitions.  Now we need your help getting signatures.

As per Amendment 71, ballot measures such as this require that 2% of registered voters in each senate district sign the petitions.

In Jeffco, we have 4 Senate Districts to cover:

  • Senate District 16 (Tammy Story)  2,399 valid signatures of these registered voters
  • Senate District 19 (Rachel Zenzinger) 2,240 valid signatures of these registered voters
  • Senate District 20 (Jessie Danielson) 2,617 valid signatures of these registered voters
  • Senate District 22 (Brittany Petterson) 2,221 valid signatures of these registered voters

To check out a petition please contact:  petition@supportjeffcokids.org

If this is your first time to collect signatures to put something on the ballot or just want a little refresher, Fair Tax Colorado has a quick 10 minute Signature Collection training video you can watch here:


To help you feel comfortable with signature “Gathering at a Distance”, Fair Tax Colorado has this quick video to help guide you: