Extreme Caution For Proposition 109

Some of you may remember the caution we issued in October 2016 regarding Amendment 71. Though we didn’t take a position on it, we did issue caution in how the process to address issues would become more costly and difficult. For our Amendment 73, Great Schools, Thriving Communities, we saw the impacts firsthand as we had to get 2% of signatures in every Senate District across Colorado. Easy for ballot issues funded by big money and dark money, a lot more work for real grassroots campaigns.

This year, there’s another ballot issue we’d like you to pay special attention to and to issue a word of extreme caution.

That’s Proposition 109, “Fix Our Damn Roads” by the Independence Institute that has long been funded by dark money and interfered in our Jeffco School Board throughout  the recall of 2015.

Jeffco fought back against the dark money in 2015 and we came out on top with a 65% win to take our schools back.

You can bet when that dark money comes out in elections, there’s concern to be had. Think of the campaigns we are watching now. Who do you see the most ads for, the most ads against, the most videos and ads on YouTube, Google, any articles you pull up to read, etc.? Many of us have been deluged at our own mailboxes with over 50 mailers to date.

As to Proposition 109, it is alarming. The legislature would be forced to fund transportation needs (there are many due to the Gallagher/TABOR impact) by using the current state budget. If, God forbid, Amendment 73 does not pass, that means that the pie of money for the state budget stays the same but the legislature would be forced to take money from any other areas to be used for transportation. This likely means more cuts to education and everything else we fund in Colorado for services.

There is no new money to dedicate to transportation, so Colorado would be forced to balance the budget on the backs of teachers and other education staff, our students, our elderly, and our neediest community members who need state-provided services.

A little more about the funding behind the dark money included in links below:


Colorado’s Independence Institute isn’t shy about its NRA tie

Proposition 109 should cause anyone who cares about education, our seniors, our community members reliant on services and intervention, and our state to open their eyes and educate others.