Excited About Dr. Glass


We LOVED this letter to the editor in the Arvada Press from Jeffco parent and advocate, Lisa Cook!

Letter: Excited for Glass


I’m excited to welcome Dr. Jason Glass to Jeffco Schools and even more excited about the fresh ideas and possibilities he will bring our students.

Dr. Glass brings experience from a wide variety of settings to Jeffco, and he will be an invaluable asset in improving student achievement, addressing Jeffco’s ongoing budget crunch, and in addressing the very real problem of how to add seats in areas that are growing while protecting areas with aging neighborhoods and declining enrollment. Some people want to pretend those children can be magically shipped elsewhere and that money will just appear when needed. However, parents like me who volunteer in the schools and attend board meetings understand the real issues and look forward to a leader with fresh solutions.

I’d also like to thank the five Jeffco School Board members for selecting Dr. Glass and negotiating a very reasonable salary. Remember, the position advertised a base salary around $300,000, based on experience and qualifications. The school board members then selected a candidate with far more experience and qualifications than former superintendent Dan McMinimee (who came to Jeffco with zero experience and only a master’s degree), and negotiated a much better salary bargain than in 2014. It’s a great deal all around.

I look forward to the ideas Dr. Glass will bring to improve education for my children and all Jeffco Schools students. I also hope the Jeffco community will take the opportunity to meet with Dr. Glass during his upcoming series of community meetings around Jeffco on July 10.

Lisa Cook,