Every Vote Counts

Participation matters. Every vote counts.

There are a few factors to consider:

The major issues in the 2012 Election were funding for Jeffco Schools (3A3B), 2 added days of school, preventing larger class sizes, retaining music, art, electives, and AP classes, and retaining teacher librarians and counselors.  Approximately 75% of registered voters participated.

In the 2013 Election, the major issues were statewide school funding (Amendment 66), technology and student data privacy, transparency and accountability, and a broadly defined (sometimes undefined) School “Reform.”  Only 1/3 of registered voters participated in this election.

In 2015, 65% of registered voters marched to the ballot box to fix what happened in 2013 with a very, very, very successful recall of Witt, Newkirk, and Williams.

Who should make the decisions for 86,000 Jeffco kids? Highly qualified and trained educators along with parents and administrators. How do we make that happen? We ensure we have a school board that supports public education and understands what policy governance is and how school districts work.

We again have transparency, accountability, and respect. School board meetings are no longer a circus side show. Reporters from around the country (and even the UK) are no longer showing up in Jeffco to report on the craziness coming out of our board meetings because now, work is being done and party politics have been pushed out of a nonpartisan governing body. That’s the power of your vote.

SJK is pleased to endorse our incumbent school board directors for their tremendous leadership.

Incumbent C. Brad Rupert


Incumbent Susan Harmon


Incumbent Ron Mitchell

Perhaps you’re also happy that Jeffco is no longer the laughing stock of the country? Great, visit a ballot drop location today!