Every Child Deserves An Excellent Education

Hopefully you’ve taken the time to read through the handouts we shared and are talking to people about the needs of our Jeffco kids and Jeffco Schools. Here they are again –


Potential Mill and Bond for Jeffco Schools

Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity for a bright future. Making sure our children are college and career ready by the time they graduate is crucial for the future of every child in Jeffco.


Colorado will create 60,000 high-skill and high-wage jobs by 2018 but will generate only 50% of the qualified work force. THAT is concerning!

Here’s a graph showing the annual earnings our kids can expect based on their level of education. Which future would you choose for your child? Now consider that we have more than 86,000 kids we’d like to ensure have that successful future.

Now, considering that these technical careers and the need for these technical/STEM skills is on the rise, we need to be talking about more opportunities for our students to have access to STEM and technical instruction. We need these services right now, actually, yesterday.

Funding education in Colorado has not been made a priority. In the last five years, Jeffco Public Schools has received 481 million dollars LESS from the state of Colorado than was supposed to be budgeted. And there are more budget cuts on the way.  We need to work together to support our kids and teachers, and provide them with safe, well maintained classrooms and school buildings.  We can do it but it does mean we will have tough decisions ahead of us.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education released a report that shows, as a nation, the U.S. spends more on Corrections than on Public Education.

In Colorado, from 1980 to 2013, Colorado increased PK-12 education spending by 103%, but by comparison we increased spending on corrections by 513%. We find this unacceptable. What do you think?


To prepare our students for successful careers in technical fields, we need teachers. Having a good teacher can make all the difference in a classroom. In Jeffco, we must retain and attract the best teachers.  Surrounding districts are paying nineteen percent more than Jeffco.  We don’t have the funding to recognize our experienced staff who sacrificed by taking a 3% pay cut during past budget cuts and are being paid below average salaries.

If we want to properly serve 86,000 students, we need to make continuous and considerable investments in education. It’s up to the community to do this. We need parents advocating for this, we need taxpayers willing to invest in Jeffco Schools, and we need businesses advocating for the best schools to serve their future workforce.

Who will you talk to about this today? Where will you share our handouts? Will you feel comfortable enough to share this on social media and in advocating for increased funding for education? Every day, your teachers and other Jeffco staff advocate to better serve your children. Will you advocate to keep, develop and retain the best teachers for your kids?


How will you Support Jeffco Kids?