ESPs Matter!

Jeffco Public Schools has around 14,000 employees serving our children. We often talk about the need for those exceptional teachers. Keeping ALL staff is critical. Over the past few years, Jeffco has lost so many administrators, teachers, AND classified staff.

Maybe you’ve recently heard of ESPs? These are our Education Support Professionals, classified staff. They are highly skilled, trained, and hold special licenses.

They include our security officers, paraprofessionals, school secretaries, electricians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, mechanics, custodians, and campus supervisors! These are the people who work with our children as well as behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly for 86,000 kids, 14,000 employees, and 154 schools.

They get our children to and from school safely, clear snow, make repairs, maintain our buildings, serve healthy meals,, keep buildings safe, maintain essential files and office functions, support teachers and administrators and educate all students.

If you’re like us, one of these people have touched your life as much as any teacher you’ve had. Most parents who go to the school will develop a special bond with the secretaries in the office. Every PTA relies on them for help!

Here’s a shout out to those people who make a difference!

  • The electrician who saved the school music performance.
  • The para who keeps an extra eye on the kids having a hard time.
  • The school secretaries who find issues on the school calendar and immediately alert the PTA.
  • The bus drivers who ensure a safe arrival.
  • The mechanic who ensured the bus was repaired properly.
  • The safety officer who stopped a threat.
  • The clinic aide who gave extra love for the scratched knee.
  • The cafeteria worker who paid for a student lunch out of her own pocket.
  • The custodian who signs up to stay late for the PTA events.

Many people are not aware that many of them live in poverty. There are so many examples of our ESPs making a huge difference. It’s time to support them more strongly and ensure they know they are appreciated! We trust them with our most precious resource, our kids.

They are important to the success of our schools and they Support Jeffco Kids!