Ensuring Your Voice is Heard and a Few Facts

There’s a petition going around like wild fire!   More than 3100 signatures just today, requesting the Board reconsider McMinimee for the superintendent position.  “We want the Jeffco BoE to reconsider the announcement of Daniel McMinimee as the sole superintendent finalist. We request that the board reexamine the candidate pool and announce 3-4 new finalists.”

See the petition here and sign if you wish.


If you registered to address the BoE at Tuesday’s (5/27) Special meeting, but are not allowed to speak due to the 45 minute time limit established by the Board Majority, contact us at admin@supportjeffcokids.org.


We feel strongly about the community being able to comment on an issue that is extremely important to our schools and children and are making provisions for those who tried, but didn’t get heard (herd) to record their message on video .   We will be scheduling those video tapings ASAP, following Tuesday’s meeting.

There is so much to consider and children tied to all of this.  Click below to see the Superintendent’s proposed contract (note that it was intended to be voted on tomorrow night without the Board taking time to reflect on public comment and only two very rushed meetings that not all members of the community could attend during the extremely busy month of May)  Well, it’s busy for those of us who are INVOLVED, anyway. 


McMinimee Contract

The contract is for five years and thus $1.4Million.  If there were to be any changes to the board or issues with the superintendent, the district would have to pay the superintendent one year’s pay.  Even if less than one year were remaining on this contract, the pay would be for an entire year.  (Note that the current board majority terms end in 2017.) 


While Mr. McMinimee is an assistant superintendent in a smaller district, he is completely unproven in a district the size of Jeffco and has no superintendent experience.  Dr. Stevenson (yes, she had a Ph.D. where Mr. McMinimee does not) was paid about $200K.  Coming from his previous position, this is over a $100K raise for Mr. McMinimee, another flag for the board.   


Mr. McMinimee has also joined in a right-wing radio talk show over the weekend, certainly not the appropriate behavior of an individual seeking employment with a district such as Jeffco.  Apparently, there are plans for him to appear on yet another in a few days.  Probably not the best behavior for someone who should be considering bringing the district closer, particularly following Ms. Williams Facebook postings about “progressives.”  Very poor taste.


Interestingly, Mr. McMinimee’s position with Douglas County has already been advertised as available so he has either been told he has the Jeffco job OR he wants to move on regardless.


Whatever the outcome tomorrow, please do let us know if your voice is not heard (or herd) at admin@supportjeffcokids.org.  Additionally, summer may be here but that doesn’t mean this board is slowing down, please ensure that YOU stay engaged and continue reading, writing, and sharing with your contacts.