Election Exhaustion

Have you been on social media lately? Do you find the political posts exhausting?

We have been reading the following article and it’s just so true.


“In case you needed more evidence of the toll this divisive campaign is taking on America, a new survey says more than a third of social media users are “worn out” by the amount of political content they encounter. That’s nearly twice as many who say they welcome the political content they find on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.”

The divisive campaigning and attack ads in mail, television, radio, and social media are exhausting and it’s now been going on for two years.

Even our campaigns for funding schools. While the campaigns for funding are happy and explanatory, the anti-tax rhetoric is dramatic and exhausting. The social media trolling is at an all-time high.

Check out this social media infographic from Safe2Tell:


Are we as a society teaching our children that this behavior is okay? Are we contributing to the depression and suicide risks for our children?

Supporters at sign-waving event report the (thankfully few!) individuals who feel the need to do a thumbs down or even “flipping the bird.” Even at children.

In the past, when people disagreed with something, they disagreed and went on with life. There wasn’t a need to be so vile. There still isn’t a need. Why would anyone flip off total strangers as they drive by? And how anyone could look at children and do such a thing is beyond us.

Wherever you stand on an issue, remember that the world will not end tomorrow if a vote doesn’t go your way. And please remember that there are real people on the other side that you probably would enjoy in your life, even if you disagree on a few things, like politics. Treat others with the kindness that you would like for yourself.

“One bit of good news: as polarized as the country is, the sense of being worn out is not a partisan phenomenon. 38% of Democrats and 37% of Republicans describe themselves that way.”

“So maybe there is more common ground than it appears.”

We have a lot of work to do to come together on many issues and we have a lot of work to do in educating others on the facts rather than politics of education.

At some point though, as the citizens, we need to come together to demand that our elected officials everywhere tell us what they stand for (and not who they are against), stop participating in negative campaigning, end the use of attack ads in the mail and on social media, and just show us they’re upstanding citizens who want to do something good.

We all need a break.

Remember to turn in your ballot soon! When you do that, you’ll be removed from the calling and mailing lists. Two stamps if you’re mailing your ballot! Here’s information below on the polling locations so you can drop off: