“Drowned Out By Progressives” and Board Policies

Posted by board member Julie Williams:



“Be ready at 8:00 or your voice might not be heard and we will be drowned out by the progressives!”


“The reform minded board members and Dan McMinimee need your support today!  We are coming under extreme fire and community support will make a huge difference.  Be aware that the anti reformers will do ANYTHING to make us loose this fight.”


“Remember- all eyes are on Jeffco and what we do will not only make a difference in Jeffco but the state and the nation!  We need to continue to Stand Strong!”


Besides being offensive, this looks like a violation of NUMEROUS Board Governance Policies: 


Book  Board Policies – Jefferson County School District R-1
Section  3: Governance Process
Title  Board Member Code of Conduct
Number  GP-07


The Board commits itself and its members to ethical, businesslike and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum. The Board, acting in its legislative capacity, shall have the authority and responsibility to interpret and apply these standards of conduct.


  • Board members should represent the interests of the citizens of the school district. This accountability to the whole district supersedes any conflicting loyalty to other advocacy or interest groups, or citizens of a director district and membership on other boards or staffs. It also supersedes the personal interest of any Board member who is also a parent of a student in the district.
  • Any member of the Board of Education may speak to the press, write articles or in other ways communicate with citizens.  Board members must identify any personal opinions as such and may not state personal opinions as if they are positions of the Board of Education.


Book  Board Policies – Jefferson County School District R-1
Section   3: Governance Process
Title  Governance Commitment
Number  GP-01

  • Work in partnership with parents and others in the community to ensure that all students thrive.
  • Our schools, as part of a community system, must work collaboratively with families, other human service institutions, businesses and higher education to prepare students for future success.
  • Respect includes valuing differences among people, honoring people as our greatest resource, and giving people quality choices.


Book   Board Policies – Jefferson County School District R-1
Section   3: Governance Process
Title   Board Member Covenants
Number  GP-08

In order to build efficient and effective relationships, Board members commit to communications that build mutual expectations and trust.

Accordingly, we will:

  • Demonstrate respect for each others’ opinions.
  • Focus on issues, not personalities.
  • Build and practice trust.
  • Make every reasonable effort to protect the integrity and promote the positive image of the district and one another.

 We will not:

  1. Embarrass each other or the district.
  2. Intentionally mislead or misinform each other.
  3. Maintain hidden agendas.


Book   Board Policies – Jefferson County School District R-1
Section   3: Governance Process
Title  Community Engagement
Number   GP-17


The Board of Education is committed to a community engagement process that assists the board in meeting its ends and the district’s mission to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future. The board believes that engaging our community is essential to preserving a strong system of public education. The board’s policies and decisions should reflect community values, good educational practice and available financial resources.

The board believes that an effective community engagement process can include multiple formats, but it is best accomplished by face-to-face interaction – not just between the board and community members, but among community members as well.

The Board of Education defines community engagement as a long-term, on-going process focusing on policy level issues framed in public terms that:

  • Involves listening to and talking with the Jefferson County community as well as community members listening to and talking with each other
  • Informs and deepens the board’s understanding of the community’s perspective, values and priorities
  • Informs and deepens the community’s understanding of the issues, costs and trade-offs of the board’s decision-making process
  • Focuses on policy-level issues reflecting the board’s ends and the district’s mission – not day-to-day issues
  • Uses a variety of strategies to reach the full community
  • Increases opportunities, both formal and informal, for meaningful dialogue and interaction between board members and the community
  • Seeks a shared sense of responsibility among the community, board and district for successfully providing a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future


Book  Board Policies – Jefferson County School District R-1
Section   3: Governance Process
Title   Process for Addressing Board Member Violations
Number    GP-14
The Board and its members are committed to faithful compliance with the provisions of the Board’s policies. In the event of a member’s violation of policy, the Board promptly will seek remedy by the following process, as needed:

  1. First, conversation in a private setting between the member in question and the Board president or other individual member.
  2. Second, discussion in a work session between the member in question and the full Board.
  3. Third, public censure of the member in question.