Don’t Mess With Public Comment!

This just in!  Apparently there aren’t enough people in the Board majority’s commentary for a public voice tonight, so they need help to cut the REAL voices of Jeffco.  They’d like the President to have a reason to shorten public comment and make it seem like more people really do favor what the board majority is doing.  Here’s the email going around:


Dear Friends of Faith,

Please help us with a simple request.  We need people to call or email Ken Witt the president of JeffCo school board and politely ask him to make certain that people from both sides of the AP History review topic, be allowed EQUAL time to express concerns.
As we understand it, public comment is going to run only an hour and there are already 100 people signed up to speak.  Most from the opposing side.  If you request a fair balance of time allotted for both views, then we will have a much better chance at expressing our side.
If he attempts to allow for fairness of time, without proof of public support for such a measure,  the union will have another issue to scream about.
Help us get equal time during public comment . You do not have to be a speaker to ask for equal time for others.
Ken Witt
District 1



That’s fair?  That’s balanced?  We think skewed public comment is not a great way to Support Jeffco Kids. 


We agree – please call and email Mr. Witt (AND THE REST OF THE BOARD) to ask that they keep the true voices of the public who signed up for public comment, even if more people oppose your Resolution than support it.  It’s called “Accountability!”


Send your emails to and and feel free to follow that up with a phone call!