Do Something About It

A friend of SJK shared this with us. Another something to think about as we “discuss” the shortage of teachers, substitutes, classified staff and continue to do nothing else about it.

Average starting 2016 salary per National Association of Colleges and Employers survey:

Engineering $64,891
Computer Science $61,321
Math and Sciences $55,087
Business $52,236
Agriculture/Natural Resources $48,729
Healthcare $48,712
Communications $47,047
Social Sciences $46,585
Humanities $46,065
Education $34,891

“We have a bad joke at our house regarding humanities majors. When you major in humanities, you get to ask things like “do you want fries with that?” at work when you graduate. Teachers, on average, start $16,000 below Humanities majors. Speaking of fries with that – a kid who goes to work at McDonalds right out of high school and becomes an assistant manager in the four years his/her peers are at college, he/she will be making about $22,000 with stock and a retirement plan & no student loans – and that is if he/she is just the average employee.”

There IS a way for you to do something about it!

One way to ensure we are supporting our educators is to make sure you’ve signed a petition for Great Schools. Thriving Communities, Initiative 93. We need your help to get education funding on the ballot!

Petition Information Here!