Desks for Kids

A crew of local volunteers are building desks for kids who don’t have a comfortable place to do school during remote learning (100% or hybrid), but their family cannot afford to buy a desk. The desks are totally free to schools and students. They have received monetary and material donations from the general public and Home Depot to finance the desk building. They can also provide a chair with each desk (they are usually simple folding chairs from Ikea or Walmart).

If you know of any students whose families are not in a position to purchase a desk, but would benefit from having one, please fill out the Google Form. Once they receive a request for desks, they try to fulfill it as soon as possible. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. They prefer to deliver the desks/chairs to the school so they can be distributed by the school to streamline the process. If you cannot distribute from the school, let them know and we might be able to deliver directly to a kid’s home.

The desk is 24” wide by 18” deep by 30” tall, and has space for storage.



Desks for Kids Facebook page:

Here’s the form for individuals to fill out for a desk request: It is in English and Spanish, with an assist from Google Translate. Below are a few pieces of info on the process for individual requests.

  • If someone is at a school that we are already providing desks to, they should request a desk though their school. We provide desks on a first in/first out process, and we don’t want to mess up the desk counts for schools that have requested desks.
  • If we receive an individual request for a school we already have on our list, we will refer the person to the contact we have at the school.
  • At this point, every Title 1 school in Jeffco should have been contacted. The schools use a different form than individuals. (More on that below.)
  • If we receive a desk request for a student not attending a Jeffco school, we will forward that request to another build group in Colorado, if we know of one. Right now, we are only serving the Jeffco area.
  • Once we receive a request for a desk, we try to fulfill it as soon as possible. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When your desk is ready, we send an email to coordinate delivery.

School requests: here’s the form if a school wants to request desks:

Venmo: @desks4kids
Facebook: @DesksForKids