Demonstrate commitment to balanced journalism

A Jeffco community member shared the letter he wrote to the Denver Post with SJK. The Denver Post did, in fact, publish this letter. However, they made some edits. Can you spot what’s missing from the letter submitted and the letter printed?

December 30th the Denver Post reported what we already knew – Teachers unions substantially supported the Jeffco School Board recall.


In fact, thousands of Jeffco parents and residents like me collected signatures, walked neighborhoods and donated from working-class incomes to address a dysfunctional process propagated by the board majority.   Our motivation?  As a parent of two Jeffco graduates I believe the academic, social and civic guidance that district teachers provide our kids is a bargain that our community should recognize.  For the passion and devotion they bring to our schools these teachers deserve respect, not a stick in the eye delivered by the board majority.  It was entirely appropriate for the teachers to engage in the recall.


Now Denver Post, demonstrate your commitment to balanced journalism and step up to the challenge of reporting how much money was donated to thwart the recall, by whom and for what motives.


Submitted by –  David L. Coren, Golden