Decline in Enrollment and Action Alert!

According to CDE, Jeffco Public Schools showed a 4.7% drop in enrollment (-3,960) placing our CDE student count at 80,088.

In the December 9th Jeffco school Board meeting, Interim CFO Nicole Stewart gave a FY20/21 Enrollment Update:

The district had planned for a drop of 350 students and a $3 Million decrease in the Adopted Budget.  The Preliminary October Count  (numbers posted in November) showed a drop of 3,726 students for a preliminary count of 79,150 forcing the district to adjust for an additional $7 million reduction. Jeffco will now be considering a total reduction of about $10 million. (Please bear in mind, the enrollment numbers are “preliminary” and may still change, but it’s highly unlikely any change would be significant.)

The statewide decline in enrollment could add up to an estimated $250 million in funding districts would lose.

Per the Colorado Sun – “Colorado’s public school enrollment has dropped by 30,000.  That could spell disaster for districts. Public schools reported a decrease in the number of students for the first time in 30 years, many of them in early grades.”

The CDE projects “enrollment will increase next year once vaccinations are more widely available. But schools may not see their numbers fully rebound until fall of 2022.”

According to Tracie Rainey of the Colorado School Finance Project:

“the enrollment declines could translate to financial struggles for districts, particularly if lawmakers reduce education funding from current levels.

“Cuts to education funding would weigh heavily on districts’ operations…districts wouldn’t be able to trim their budgets without potentially breaking staff contracts and pulling funds from their reserves – all while trying to manage increasing costs brought on by the pandemic.”


Great Schools Thriving Communities (GSTC), the coalition that brought you Amendment 73 in 2018, continues to work toward a funding solution for our public PK-12 schools in Colorado.  To that end, we are asking you to join us in asking legislators who are getting ready to enter into the 2021 Legislative session to maintain the funding level pass in the 2020 legislative session.

Tell the Legislature: Now would be the worst time to cut school funding.


For more information about the Great Schools Thriving Communities coalition (GSTC):