Dear Jeffco BOE: Honor Your Words

A Jeffco Community Member and Parent shared her reaction after discovering the video from the board meeting when the issue of hiring Brad Miller came up.  In case you missed this as well, here is the unedited video from Transparency Jeffco:


This just infuriates me!


At 8:30 in the video, John Newkirk talks about hiring Brad Miller’s law firm to represent the Board. He says that the Board could hire this firm, “recognizing that we can certainly make changes next month.”


At 9:05, Julie Williams says “we’re just talking month-to-month,” in response to a question by Ms. Fellman wondering whether the Board is going to hire a lawyer at the meeting.


At 9:52, John Newkirk says that he is comfortable with a motion to “hire [Brad Miller] for the short term and look at it again in a month.”


Around 11:55, Ken Witt talks about actually hiring Brad Miller. At 12:38, he says, “we can continue to develop this idea of long-term selection.”


And John Newkirk says that Mr. Halpern is out of the country, but Julie says she was able to interview both candidates. 


As I say to my children, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”




Of course, since that discussion that was not inclusive of all 5 board members and clearly lacking in transparency….Ken Witt continually states that the attorney hire discussion will not be “rehashed” when Dahlkemper and Fellman bring up the subject every month.


We are calling on the remaining board members to HONOR YOUR WORDS and have this discussion!   That’s a minimum of $7,500 each and every month.