Dear Future Superintendent

Dear Future Superintendent:

We know you’re watching Jeffco and wondering if this is the place for you. There have been ups and downs in the news for our district and the Google results go on forever. We know this and we lived it. However, let us tell you a little bit about what makes Jeffco so special and why so many of us have supported this district so strongly for so many years!

We have the most amazing and dedicated staff! Even though Colorado education funding is terrible, our staff all reached an agreement to keep the cuts as far away from our children as possible and took a 3% paycut for two years during the most dire of times in Colorado. In fact, Jeffco was recognized nationally for that very collaboration!

We are certain you know that research shows great teachers are the single biggest contributing factor to student achievement during the school day. Effective principals are just as critical to both student and staff success.

While teacher turnover increased from 10 percent to 15 percent between 2013-14 and 2014-15, according to Chalkbeat Colorado, Jeffco has a turnover rate that’s higher than more than half of the metro area districts on the list. We know that you’re the leader who will bring your passion to Jeffco to inspire our educators again and give them the support and respect that keeps them in Jeffco.

We have an amazing community of public education advocates! Our parents and business community know the value of supporting public education and working together to support our schools. More so than any other district. Many years ago, our leadership had the foresight to include voices from around the community on committees and shared information with these key stakeholders transparently. Many individuals are just waiting to be invited again and want you to share information about the district so they can, in turn, share the facts with their contacts.

We are so excited for community engagement to resume and be provided with a way to truly participate and be involved! The parents and community don’t just want a basic forum and to be talked at, we want to talk with you and to have an open dialogue. That past connection is what has always made Jeffco so special. It was a transparent and respectful process of engagement and it showed accountability to the community. We are so excited to support you in bringing that back to our community!

While every district has community supporters, Jeffco has many organizations. Formal and informal. We have more PTA members in Jeffco than any area of the state and, in the past, our leadership has always joined and supported the engagement and education/involvement of parents. A few years ago, our superintendent was a board member of the PTA, attended every Council meeting, and made extra efforts to engage with those parent communities and enabled open communication with district leadership and the staff at the Ed Center to ensure parents were aware of the facts.

In the absence of the community engagement we’ve had in the past, parents, educators, business leaders, churches, and community groups  have stepped up to host community forums to engage others and start conversations to support our amazing Jeffco Schools. We’re all here just waiting to meet you and to support the great work we know you’re going to do!

If you’ve not been to Jeffco, you’re in for a treat! It’s a huge school district that encompasses the most beautiful views ranging from the metro area to the amazing mountains of Colorado. Your work environment is incomparable to anything in the country. It’s simply breathtaking in beauty, which is a prime reason we all choose to live here!

You will have the most supportive and educated Board of Education ever elected! They are all so different but are wonderful people who truly support and understand public education! You have two attorneys, a former principal, and two former teachers. Three are parents with students currently in the district and one is engaged in the business community in a huge way. Each one loves Jeffco Schools.

Our Jeffco Schools Board of Education is ready to support your work and has set the following budget priorities: providing competitive compensation for employees; maintaining current school funding levels through student-based budgeting; and keeping school buildings warm, safe and dry.

Finally and most importantly, our children! We have amazing students in Jeffco! Our students brought in a record number of scholarships in 2016 and we expect 2017 to be no different due to the hard work of our dedicated staff and families who Support Jeffco Kids.

Look at the accomplishments and honors rolling in for the year now!

Jeffco Schools is known for its tradition of excellence. We know you’ll bring a strong, innovative vision, educational expertise and excellent communications skills. We know, as our leader, you’ll place a high value on transparency, collaboration, community engagement and sustainable improvement.

We’ll give you every reason to be a cheerleader for our schools and kids! Are you ready to come be an advocate and Support Jeffco Kids?

We’re ready for you! We’re excited to welcome you to Jeffco!