Dan, we found all of this in 10 MINUTES!

Hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Surely you’ve heard that the Chief Communications Officer, a 4 month long political nightmare for Jeffco Schools, submitted her resignation with her last day to be June 19th.  http://coloradopols.com/diary/71538/breaking-lisa-pinto-resigns-from-jeffco-schools


“We’re considering what our options are moving forward,” [Jeffco Schools superintendent Dan McMinimee] said…”


We had hope when Mr. McMinimee gave a speech at the last District Accountability Committee and told everyone that we needed to join together for our kids and eliminate politics from our district. Even though he disputed his own words in an email and clearly has problems eliminating his own biased, political antics:



Sadly, it appears that our superintendent didn’t learn his lesson in the hiring of the Communications Chief, hasn’t yet learned to manage or at the very least is inept at his hiring duties. Meet the newest communications employee, aka “the best option” according to McMinimee…


Devan Crean will lead the development and implementation of marketing strategy and execution for all Jeffco Public Schools increasing awareness of available school options. Education Information: 2012,

M.P.A., University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming. 2013-present, Revealing Politics, Denver, Colorado.


Dan! You’ve got to be kidding the Jeffco community! Please, tell us we’ve been Punk’d!

It took us just 10 minutes to find this (note that we’re looking at the social media profiles of an ADULT applying for a professional communications position paying $60K per year of taxpayer dollars for a public entity):


She’s a very enthusiastic Republican (at least half of us have no problem with that.)



NONE of us are in support of this from our $60K communications “professional”, although we get the sarcasm. We apologize for the profanity.




She likes and prefers vouchers – twice defeated by Colorado Taxpayers in elections.






Even if it’s the coolest pic ever, a communications professional being paid $60K should have a better vocabulary than to use “badaxx” publicly… As far as “murica” – sometimes there are no words…





Publicly disparaging Democrats is completely acceptable for a Jeffco employee, right Dan? Great, because that’s a phenomenal example of coming together and true nonpartisanship right there!






Thanks, Dan, she clearly is already “well-informed” about Jeffco and has opinions ready to go. Staff aka “Schoolyard Bullies” will just love this one:






Thankfully, at least she has a sense of humor so might be able to handle the parody accounts on Twitter since she clearly loves this one!




She has experience, but it’s from the Independence Institute…so very biased and partisan and certainly doesn’t speak to the desire of Jeffco residents. 


Here’s our biggest concern, Dan. She doesn’t seem to be very ethical.

Here’s her story:  http://revealingpolitics.com/blog/2013/10/dougco-school-board-candidate-keim-intimidates-blogger/

Here’s the other person’s story as copied directly from the response in the article:

Julie Keim for DC Schools

Devan, I am sorry if you felt intimidated, but I think that might be your issue not mine. I did not intimidate you and I find your use of “quotes” in this story interesting. I came out to the parking lot to talk with you because I saw you taping at the very end of the event and I wanted to talk to you about that. It was my understanding that it was a private event and not a public forum. I completely respect First Amendment Rights, but this was an invitation-only private event paid for by two individuals. Your name was not on the invitation list. This was not a public meeting. You compare our very brief discussion in the parking lot of a private showing to the equivalent of a documentary filmmaker being removed from a Board of Education meeting because his tripod was less than an inch over the taped off media area? I think not.Your recordings are used to mislead the public and to intimidate individuals who are attending private screenings. You accuse me of intimidating you, but my 11 year old daughter who was with me asked who the rude lady was. She also reminded me that you said that you would talk to your boss about getting me a copy of the video. I haven’t heard from you yet.It is my right to tell you that I do not authorize you to use my image or audio. It is your right to ignore my request. I then asked you for a copy of your tape. You told me you didn’t have to and I stated that it was the right and professional thing to do. You said you would talk to your boss about whether that was possible.In this politically charged environment where secretive tapings are edited and used out of context or to make people fearful for their jobs, I simply wanted the whole tape so that I could show if anything was used out of context.

Why don’t you actually speak to me rather than just standing around recording? You state that you are a Douglas County resident and registered voter. I have tried to speak with you at other public forums in the last week. If you cared about the truth and what is happening in our school district, I would expect a dialogue with you. After all that is what most citizens have and continue to ask of their public Board of Education in Douglas County.

If you would like to be an informed voter, I would encourage you to attend one of many public events in the next few weeks where all candidates are given an opportunity to present information and answer questions.

On a side note, the picture you are displaying is from the wedding of one of my dearest friends that I hosted at my home this summer. I am so glad you captured a day where I shared a wonderful experience with many people. Have a nice day and please feel free to ask me about solutions for a brighter day in the future.

Again, Dan, we found all of this in 10 MINUTES! Your job is to select the most highly qualified individuals to do work to support Jeffco Public Schools and 86,000 children.  Are you going to allow parents in Jeffco to be bullied and intimidated in this way by an employee? Against the policies of Jeffco Public Schools?

Dan, do you think your work and decisions to date would qualify as Highly Effective?  We think not.  Make a better decision, please! Surely there is someone in the entire State of Colorado or even beyond, with appropriate skills in communications as well as experience in education.

Don’t do this to our children! The superintendent of Jeffco Schools should not be approving this hire! The Board of Education of Jeffco Public Schools should not be approving this hire!