Cute Jeffco Kids Need Solutions

Let’s talk about staff in Jeffco Public Schools. Jeffco has always been a leader and a choice district for educators and families.


Here’s what we know:

  • More than 40% of our teachers are new since 2010
  • Jeffco pays less than surrounding districts
  • The environment was such over the past two years that many teachers and administrators left
  • There are organizations blaming all the ills of society on educators
  • Unfunded mandates have been issued at the state level at an alarming rate while cuts to funding were occurring
  • Staff members fund classroom necessities and resources out of their own pockets
  • Keeping up with new mandates in the classroom and at the school level with fewer resources has become an extreme burden
  • Resources for our staff and students district wide have been reduced to the tune of $481,284,503 since 2009
  • Principals overburdened by mandates have had to pass some of their workload on to instructional coaches, further decreasing the resources available to teaching staff
  • There are writings everywhere you turn blaming test scores on bad teachers and bad schools
  • Schools are being rated and graded by organizations based on test scores with no mention of growth
  • Some organizations are beating educators up for their retirement system (PERA), which applies for all Colorado government workers and yet the voters of Colorado approved this plan and made it law in 1931


Take a look at those funding cuts below in the resource from the Colorado Fiscal Institute:


That’s $481,284,503 taken away from our school district since 2009. How does that impact Jeffco kids?


Now take a look at the basics of what you might expect as a teacher salary coming to Jeffco (and consider that the same salary gap applies for administrator and other staff positions):

Beginning Salary

District Comparison of Teacher Salary


If you’re planning on taking a job as a teacher, which district would you choose?


Certainly, the kids in Jeffco are just as cute and just as smart as the kids in those other districts. Certainly, there is a state-wide issue regarding education funding. Certainly, we want the best for our kids in Jeffco and that means experienced and quality educators. 


Shouldn’t we start talking about making educators a priority and at least attempting to be competitive in pay? Educators also have families, homes, cars, electric bills, and need groceries.


It’s time to start talking about how we are going to stop the exodus and keep our treasured staff here in Jeffco. Please share this and include your thoughts on how we make Jeffco the most desirable district to educators. Their work environment is our children’s learning environment.


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