Continued Lies About Amendment 73

Can you believe that the lies from the folks against Amendment 73 continue? Despite the independent legal opinion of the Secretary of State, they don’t seem to care that they’re hurting our children and schools and they keep repeating the lie!

That’s right, there’s a public legal opinion from the Secretary of State’s office that proves them dead wrong. Check it out!

“These interpretations are incorrect. As an initial matter, neither is consistent with the stated intent of the drafters, the Blue Book, or the analysis by Legislative Council Staff. More importantly, however, neither alternative interpretation is consistent with the text of Amendment 73.”

“Similarly, Legislative Council Staff’s fiscal analysis of Amendment 73 does not endorse either of the alternative interpretations described above. It states that “[f]or property taxes levied by all other local governments, current law determines the residential assessment rate,” and that “[t]he calculation for the target percentage and the residential assessment rate will be determined by the assess values used for all other local governments and is unaffected by the measure.”21 These statements unambiguously reject the alternative interpretations, making clear that Gallagher formula will remain unaffected by Amendment 73.”

Do you really think the Library Associations and Fire Chiefs and personnel would be supporting Amendment 73 if this were remotely true? Of course not!

So, why are they continuing to use this lie while knowing that this hurts children, staff, and schools?



Could it be that their dark money funders make more than $500,000 per year, or billions of dollars, and don’t want to pay their share of taxes?


Don’t be fooled! Share the truth! #YesonAmendment73 is a needed fix that we’ve been waiting for!

Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, yet we spend less on education now than we did before the recession. Colorado invests $2800 less than the national average on each student—trailing even Mississippi and Alabama.