Contact Your Legislators!

We hope our Legislators are listening.

We want to be loud and clear.  Just because the education community has not stormed the State Capitol with pitchforks and torches doesn’t mean we don’t expect them to do the morally and ethically right thing by our students and schools.

We are hearing from legislators, citing no outcry from the education community for the need for the $100 million buy down of the BS Factor proposed by the Governor’s budget, that a deal is being made with the House and Senate Republicans to direct these funds to Transportation, instead.

We hope our Legislators are listening.

When on February 7th, the superintendents of our state came together as one voice to talk about the work they had put into HB 1232, the modernized superintendents’ formula for school finance, they began their announcement with a plea to our representatives at the Capitol to support the Governor’s proposed budget providing additional funds to our schools THIS year.

The Superintendent of Englewood Public Schools, Wendy Rubin, began her speech February 7th  by asking our state legislature to approve the $110 million budget supplemental for distribution to our schools today. She implored them to approve Governor Hickenlooper’s proposed a budget that would buy down the $828 million debt owed to Colorado schools by $100 million and would dedicate $30 million to our rural schools. She went on to point out the urgency for addressing school funding now:

  • …a growing teacher shortage crisis
  • 95% of teachers in rural districts that don’t make enough salary to meet the cost of living
  • More school districts are looking to institute 4-day school weeks…we have half of the school districts in Colorado with one or more schools on a 4-day week…”

We hope our Legislators are listening.

Because nothing has changed.   We absolutely support HB 1232 – that’s for the future.  But let’s talk about NOW – this year.  

Our local school districts are in the process of having school budget conversations with their respective communities.   A vital piece of this conversation depends on whether or not the Legislature approves the Governor’s budget and allows for the $100 M buy down of the BS Factor (Budget Stabilization Factor, aka Negative Factor, which is currently $830 million owed to our schools and students).

We are hearing from legislators, citing no outcry from the education community for the need for these dollars, that a deal is being made with the House and Senate Republicans to direct these funds to Transportation, instead.   

These are funds owed to our schools since 2010, when legislators raided education funds provided by Amendment 23.

We appreciate the need to fund Transportation, but this truly isn’t much different than what was done in 2010.  Once again, the Legislature will raid education funds to pay for other expenses they don’t have the backbone to raise taxes to support.

Our legislature is looking to fund transportation on the backs of our state’s children, if we don’t make it clear to them now, via emails, phone calls, letters, rallys, and lobby days at the Capitol.  As always, the education community – parents, educators – will be forced to fight for this funding, fight for our kids and our schools. Sadly, our Legislature just can’t seem to find their way to do the right thing on their own.

In Jeffco, the Governor’s budget proposal would provide an additional $30 million to our Jeffco budget.  Because this is part of the Amendment 23 dollars owed our students, these would be on-going funds – NOT one time funding.  

In our school communities, our parents and educators are having budget conversations  around funding for security and safety in our schools, trying to add more teachers, providing for more professional development for our teachers, reading interventions, career pathways enhancements – none of which can be a reality without this funding.

So, warriors of public education, we are asking you to once again pick up the fight where it seems like we never left off.  Please join us in contacting your respective House Representatives and Senators today, and tomorrow, and again next week – until they can guarantee us They Are Listening.


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