Competency in Hiring, Please

Jeffco Schools Superintendent McMinimee replaces one political hack for another. We already shared a few of our concerns from a 10 minute search hereJust 10 Minutes!


Parents and community members concerned and disapproving of this hire have been writing the superintendent.  Dan has a response to blow everyone off and it doesn’t show any commitment for accountability to the community:

Thank you for your email. I appreciate you taking time to express your opinions. I believe Ms. Crean has already added value with the increased coverage of great stories on Facebook and Twitter (videos highlighting staff and students, graduation coverage among several other good spots), as well as being a part of the revamping of our internal and external publications. In addition, she was chiefly responsible for the development and implementation of the “Thank a Teacher” video initiative that happened recently. In the future she will be directly involved in working with all schools to continue to highlight their programs and show the excellent things our students and staff are doing.

Dan McMinimee


Boy oh boy has our new employee already been busy! Her website includes her publicly posted resume –

Her resume is already updated with many accomplishments since 5/15 (even though she wasn’t brought in until May 18th according to record and the vote to approve her hire doesn’t occur until June 11th.)

Jeffco Public Schools, Golden, CO 5/15 – present Marketing & Communications Specialist
• Supported the development and implementation of communications plans and marketing materials.
• Provided marketing and communication support to administrative leaders.
• Managed social media content, including Facebook and Twitter.
• Wrote for online publications.
• Provided media relations.
• Managed editorial calendar for all publications and social media.
• Supported the creation and implementation of event-based marketing.
• Provided any additional communications and marketing support as needed.


All of that in less than 16 days! Or are the tasks exaggerated?


Nina Lisa Pinto may be out (resignation dated 5/28, effective June 19), but we have to ask, is Dan McMinimee working to expand the extreme agenda of the board majority?

Pinto and McMinimee also hired Novitas Communications – $50,000 for 6 months.
  •  Novitas Communications is run by Michelle Balch Lyng, a longtime Republican operative and former head of the Denver Republican Party.
Lyng’s staff includes Devan Crean, the Republican “tracker” who got embarrassingly mixed up in the state GOP chairmanship election battle early last month. You’ll recall what Crean said about her work then:
“The organization Ellie and I both work for ONLY tracks politicians and policy makers who are left-leaning. We DO NOT track fellow Republicans…”
A reminder, Pinto was a former official with ousted GOP state chairman Ryan Call’s much-balleyhooed “SuperPAC” along with another GOP media type who pled guilty to campaign finance violations earlier this year – See more at: Who Is Lisa Pinto? Jeffco Parents Might Not Like The Answer –
Last time we checked, none of the 86,000 kids were marked with R’s or D’s or I’s or L’s and we don’t want their education attacked in the political arena.

Dan and the Board Majority need to knock off the political hires and get back to the Jeffco Public Schools Tradition of Excellence. Data shows that Jeffco Schools was doing tremendously well and data shows that the reform agenda is a tremendous detriment to education and our children.


Get this nonsense out of our schools and away from our kids!


Here’s a wonderful article from Forbes with tips on how to find and hire great employees –

Here’s a cheat sheet of the items identified in the article:

1. Competent

2. Capable

3. Compatible

4. Commitment

5. Character

6. Culture

7. Compensation


Reading through those seven items, we can identify some real problems with recent hires at the Ed Center.