Community Budget Survey 2015

Were you able to participate in one of the Community Budget forums?  Most locations had attendance of only 20-30 individuals.  Wednesday, January 28th at Wheat Ridge High School appeared to be the most widely attended forum of all.


Great discussions took place at each location.  Many individuals noted that it was difficult to give appropriate feedback because the information provided to participants this year didn’t go into great detail regarding the options or needs for budgetary items.  On social media, participants were upset that they had to choose between compensating staff and lowering classroom sizes.


Some other comments heard at these forums:

There’s not enough information in the video for me to give feedback!
The video is cute but not enough content.
I can’t believe we have to tell them that facilities is a priority!
Are they actually going to listen?
Keep your promises to the voters!
How much attention will the board give to my feedback? 
Where’s the community engagement this year?
Why didn’t we get more notice of these meetings?
Why don’t we have full information?
Don’t ask the community what our priorities are if you’re not going to listen.
The Board majority are a huge concern!
I am tired of this Board not listening!
How are we supposed to answer these questions?
There’s no content in the video to explain the items.
Why are charters included as a high priority after last year?
How do we hold the BOE accountable? 
I’m concerned about our Latino community – they aren’t here, did the info go out in Spanish and other languages?
Charters again?
Why do I have to pick either my teacher or class size?
Directed to our superintendent – will you have the backbone to stand up to the BOE majority?
From the Conifer Meeting – why was Newkirk late to our meeting? Rude!
Honor the promises made to voters during 2012’s 3A & 3B campaign!
Last year we had over 13,000 community members complete the budget survey!
You STILL have the chance to participate and we ask that you do so and share with friends, neighbors, other parents, community members, PTA, and anyone in Jeffco who truly has a passion for public education and our children!
Complete the budget survey!
As of the morning of 1/29/15, these are the results!  It’s not acceptable to have a few hundred individuals determine the fate of more than 86,000 children.
We know you did this last year.  We know that the priorities of the community were ignored and there were clear accountability issues.  Please don’t stop! 
Share, share, share and become an advocate for Jeffco kids and doing the right thing!  Please, Support Jeffco Kids!