Coaching and Mentoring Vs. Checklists

Hopefully you read our testimony on SB19-247, employee evaluations. If you’re a parent or teacher, you are aware of how strange it is to use student testing data as a tool for grading teachers and schools.

The Jeffco 1338 committee has been studying the teacher evaluation system for some time. The discussions continue to be regarding mentoring and coaching to improve outcomes in the classroom. Individual educator goals (in EduSpeak you’ll hear IEG) are set for every educator district-wide yet conversations regarding goals continually get lost in checklists because of the state requirement that was the result of SB191 from 2010.

What’s the quote about continuing to repeat something that isn’t working? The system is insanity…

Regardless, here’s yet another article proving the point:

How do you improve schools? Start by coaching principals, says new study

Say it with us: COACHING!!!

“When it comes to the impact of school-related factors on student learning, research shows that school leaders are second in importance only to teachers — but also can have a multiplier effect on the quality of teaching.”

“If I had 20 schools, I’d start losing track of who’s where,” said Hammond, himself a former principal. “This number allows me to walk with principals in a building, to give feedback, and remember the things that I see.”

“The investment paid off when Hughes received his first evaluation from Hammond. It was, the principal said, an “aha! moment” — the most meaningful feedback of his career.”