Clothing Donation Update

We Support Jeffco Kids and helping the Serving Kids program through the Jeffco Schools Foundation is one of our favorite projects because we can make such a difference for our children. Though our formal community service drive has ended, there are still two locations that remain “open” for your donations year-round so keep cleaning out those closets, purchasing new items to donate, and dropping them off to us –

We love letting you know your impact in helping through these community service projects. This just in from the amazing Serving Kids volunteers:

Serving Kids is experiencing another record-breaking year. At the end of February, we are just 15 short of the total orders filled last year (1308 at the end of February, 2018; and 1323 during the entire school year that ended in May, 2017).

The file with all of the numbers is attached, but the key figures for February are:

93 orders filled and delivered to 39 locations in the District. (Total locations to date for this school year = 135)

9 orders were for students identified as homeless. (Total homeless kids we clothed to date this school year = 272)

Our volunteers have been very busy unpacking, laundering and shelving the hundreds of bags of clothing that have come from schools’ lost and found, community clothing drives, churches, individuals and neighborhood groups. A “shout-out” to Support Jeffco Kids for more than 100 bags collected for Serving Kids this year! And to Douglas County STEM school parents for bringing carloads of clothes that the students have collected for us. We sometimes feel as if we are buried in bags, but when we can go to our shelves and find popular styles of clothes for kids, it makes all of the hauling, lifting, and organizing worthwhile.

A note about our Serving Kids volunteers:

This school year we have 44 volunteers who shop, launder clothes, fill orders, organize the temp, and deliver clothes to schools. So far they have worked a total of 1,864 hours. The range of hours given to Serving Kids to date this year is from 3 to 188 hours. We appreciate every hour from every volunteer!

Thanks to all who help make life more pleasant for the more than 1,000 Jeffco kids who find a bit of cheer in our Serving Kids bags. They know someone really cares about them and wants them to succeed in school.