Charlotte, Jeffco is blessed to have phenomenal teachers

Hello my name is Charlotte Clanton and I recently heard that, for some reason, the Jeffco school board is saying that the teachers that are on staff currently did not do their job in teaching the students who went through the system. This claim is the most ridiculous claim I’ve ever heard.

I am a freshman at Colorado State University and I am majoring in theatre with an emphasis in performance and general education with an emphasis in primary education. Now if the fact that I just got out of the Jeffco school system and I’m studying to be a teacher doesn’t convince you of the awesome job the teachers are doing, here are some other examples of how well prepared for college I was. I have gotten an A on every paper I have written; only two A grades are handed out in the class. That must have came from my English teachers showing me again and again how to write an essay because I don’t care for writing, but I know how to do it. I auditioned for a musical at CSU, it was my first college audition and I have been placed in a lead role among the seniors. I didn’t teach myself how to audition; I was taught by my Jeffco teachers. Overall, all of my classes have been easy because I was well prepared to begin college courses.
My boyfriend Dale Nickell also attended the same Jeffco school and is now attending Colorado State University as a Freshman. Dale is majoring in Piano Performance and is taking mostly second year classes because he was able to test out of the beginning classes with the AP credit he earned in high school. In his music theory class, he was told that his AP credit for music theory would not count. His teacher was so impressed with the amount of music theory Dale knew from his high school course, that the professor made an exception and allowed Dale to use his AP credit.
These are just a few examples of how well prepared the Jeffco teachers made us for the next step of higher education, and if you on the board can’t see that, then you must be completely blind because the education I received was better than I could have imagined. Jeffco is blessed to have phenomenal teachers.
Charlotte Clanton