Change Your Focus

Hi Dan

I just want to write to voice concern over a statement you made in Chalk Talk:

“Unfortunately, this cannot happen overnight and it cannot happen if we are distracted by disruptive outside forces.”


I have no clue what you meant by the above statement but I do think it’s completely inappropriate. That’s an editorial opinion and I’m wondering who/what you are indicating are “disruptive outside forces.”  The community has a right to a voice as they are paying taxes for our schools, no matter what their opinion.  The parents have a right to a voice as the very kids you are serving are their own and attend our schools.  The teachers and employees have a right to a voice as they are serving our children and the largest employer in Jefferson County.  Principals have a right to a voice as they are leading our amazing Jeffco schools and directly serving children.  Students have a right to a voice as we are here to serve them. Elected officials have a right to a voice as they were put into their positions by the public.  Who in the world are these disruptive outside forces?  

I know you’ve been open to meeting with every group in Jefferson County, including having your picture taken at political events and talking on biased radio shows.  I respect your right to do so though I hope you remember that every comment you make is directly applied to our children in Jeffco.  I just have to tell you that it’s distasteful to read something like that in your column.  You represent Jeffco Schools and I call on you to do so with dignity and not call out any group with such judgment.  
I’m not a huge fan of testing but I do appreciate the data that comes from it when it can be used to serve our children better or improve services.  A reasonable conversation and collaboration is what will provide maximum benefit for our children.  If you are distracted by anyone voicing their opinion, that’s an issue of focus.  As a coach, I know you understand this.  Change your focus.
I appreciate communications from the district and am becoming more and more alarmed at decisions that are being made for our children without including the voice of parents and community members. This has been a collaborative district for years and having your own children served by Jeffco Schools, I know that you are aware of the amazing things Jeffco Schools has done for our children and community.  Please build up our community and the wonderful things going on while continuing to strive for the rich tradition of excellence that Jeffco Schools is known for.
Thanks for your time and attention.
Shawna Fritzler
“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”
Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone