Celebrating An Unsung Hero Friend

We’ve heard of these awards but haven’t had a chance to see one until recently. We are delighted to see Social Worker Casey Gardner honored!

“Ms. Casey is the kid whisperer in our building. She is able to form and retain a relationship with some of the most behaviorally-challenged students in our school. Not only can she calm students down in an agitated state, but she plays with them so they can develop their social skills. She is the ambassador of our school, in that she knows almost every student’s name as they walk in the door and she is the one who creates a safe and welcoming environment in our school. Congratulations to Miss Casey for her successful work with our Voyager program.”

We couldn’t agree more! Casey Gardner is one of the kindest individuals you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and you can’t help but adore her and want to be around her. We are grateful to Casey for her friendship and tremendous support of our work as well as the tremendous work she does for all Jeffco children.

Research shows great teachers are the single biggest contributing factor to student achievement during the school day.

Casey is certainly a teacher to her students but actually is a school social worker here in Jeffco and we know mental health needs for students are on the rise. Jeffco Schools has not yet restored cuts since 2009 – cuts in mental health staff, digital teacher librarians, assistant principals, school nurses as well as reductions in high school graduation requirements.

Thanks to Casey for sticking with Jeffco and being so dedicated to our children and Jeffco Schools. She really knows how to Support Jeffco Kids and we are delighted to see you honored.