CDE Needs Survey Feedback!

CDE needs feedback! The following email was passed along to us, please see the links to the survey questions below. Please participate AND please pass this along to others and ask they do the same!


Based on recommendations from the state’s Accountability Workgroup, CDE is beginning to develop new, easy-to-understand reports for parents and community members about their schools and districts. The reports will include status on school and district performance frameworks and other information that would be meaningful to communities. (Additional performance data at finer grain levels will continue to be available on the CDE website as well).

In order to determine what parents and other community members would like to see in the reports, CDE has developed a survey to gather ideas. The survey asks about what kind of information parents want about their schools, such as performance (e.g., test results, improvement strategies), school details (e.g., teacher turnover, student safety, course offerings) and student information (e.g., attendance, demographics, suspensions, college course taking). The survey is available through January. An English language version of the survey can be found here and a Spanish language version can be found here.

Could you help us get the word out about the survey? We’d really like to increase our parent response rate, and especially Spanish speaking parents.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Jeremy Meyer, director of communications, or 303-866-2334.