Caveat Emptor

A letter shared from a Jeffco business community member:


After 7 years of pent up demand, new home construction is picking up.  In Jefferson County alone, three large developments, Solterra (South Lakewood), Leyden Rock (Arvada), and Candelas (Arvada), will add approximately 4,800 new homes.  


The bottom line is that our current school facilities don’t have enough room.  Even accounting for new and existing charter schools, our schools won’t have room for several hundred students.  Yet, Mr. Witt, Mr. Newkirk and Ms. Williams refused to listen to reason as Mr. Bell went into tremendous detail about issuing flexible Certificates of Participation to meet the impending building needs over the next few years.



Proximity to quality schools are a significant factor that significantly influences the decision making process for many prospective homebuyers – I know it was high on my priority list when I bought my home.  With the board majority’s decision not to fund new school buildings, builders should proceed with caution. Businesses providing goods and services for these new developments should think twice before committing to set up shop in these areas.


Realtors, you have an ethical obligation to inform prospective homebuyers in these new developments of the significant risk that the nearest school for their students could be several miles away. As a prospective homebuyer, caveat emptor.  Would you want to buy a house with no schools nearby?